Sunday, 26 March 2017

Sat 10 Dec - LONDON IN FRAGMENTS - Mudlarking, News of the Past with Ted Sandling

Getting our feet muddy and trawling the Thames for treasures. Turning up London histories, the stories of the ordinary and the bigger picture. How informal archaelogy can be news that makes us reassess our identity. And inspiration - perhaps this is the year to give a 'found' Christmas present? Ted Sandling talks about his work 'London in Fragments: a Mudlark's Treasures'.

Sat 10 Dec - Ted Sandling - Mudlarking 

Sat 1 April - IS IT ART? IS IT NEWS?: Hoaxing and Social Curation with Jon Baker

The artist Jon Baker talks about innovative curation in the age of social media. He looks at April Fools in newspapers, on TV and in galleries and discusses how a hoax can change art history and become accepted by the establishment as more than prankster ephemera. But is it art and is it news?


Composer, sound artist and journal editor Iris Garrelfs talks about installation, composing, residency, collaboration and dissemination of practice. She reflects on her 2016 residencies in Athens (Greece) and Brighton. Includes an original composition recorded live for the show.

LISTEN AGAIN - Iris Garrelfs - Sound Art, Composition and the Online Journal 

Monday, 20 March 2017

Sat 25 March - HERE IS NEW YORK: No Place Else Is Good Enough

Jules Stewart, journalist and author of Gotham Rising, discusses the rise of New York in the 1930s. He travels the ragged panorama of Manhattan to talk of the stragglers seeking sanctuary among the skyscrapers. Depression-era unrest, its politics, media were played out to the soundtrack of swing, jazz and the movie musical. With sonic interludes featuring Duke Ellington and live tinklings on the Resonance piano.

LISTEN AGAIN - Jules Stewart - 'Here is New York'

Sunday, 12 March 2017


Lisa McKendrick Hexa and Jude create a live composition considering the attraction of and the media representation of cults. Using violins and voice in an expanded discussion they mull over how religious missionaries have preyed on vulnerable young adventurers. Drawing on reports including confessions from former cult members.

LISTEN AGAIN - Lisa McKendrick Hexa - Cults violin improvisation

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Sat 11 Mar - WOMEN ARE HALF OUR HISTORY: Female Creativity in East London

51 %RememberHer is an inaugural exhibition with over 100 women artists featuring sculpture, painting, animation and installation in the atmospheric Tower Gallery, Plaistow. Artists Sarah Sparkes and Rachael House talk about the show with curator/artist Rebecca Feiner. Their unique art ranges from feminist disco to reimagining history and the paranormal . Plus Dr Phil Hammond gives his lowdown on how comedy can help the NHS.

LISTEN AGAIN - Rebecca Feiner & Phil Hammond - 51% RememberHer

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Sat 4 Mar - NOVELISTS, JOURNALISM AND THE THEATRE: Bethany W Pope and Gaston Leroux

Author Bethany W Pope talks about opera, sword-fighting and writing historical fiction. Her novel 'Masque' takes inspiration from the work of court reporter and drama reviewer Gaston Leroux who wrote 'The Phantom of the Opera'. To find out a little more about the man with the gold pince-nez we follow Leroux on a few of his journalistic investigations.

LISTEN AGAIN - Bethany W Pope - Gaston Leroux, Swindon and Historical Fiction